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trackdays in france????


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Hi to all, i'm new to all this forum stuff and have been searching various forums for info on trackdays in france. We will be moving to charente (16) shortly and wondered if anyone has done any? my everyday bike is a pan european (hence the name) so don't class me as one of the crackpots you see buzzing round on a sunny sunday (prefer my buzzing round in a safe enviroment). i run my own motorcycle transport business between england and europe and would love to join in with any local bike meets, runs, rallies etc

safe riding


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Welcome to the forum, Andy.

The [url=http://circuit-valdevienne.com/]Circuit du Val de Vienne[/url] south of Poitiers does open trackdays at 80€ a session.

There are also a bunch of us based in South Deux Sevres/North Charente/Vienne who get together for occasional rideouts - waiting for the milder weather at the moment, though, so watch this space....[;-)]


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My husband and I Phil are moving to Charente (16) when we sell our house in the UK however we pick up keys to our Farmhouse on 19th April. We both ride bikes and Phil will be going out before me. Would be good to get in touch. Don't know about any track days though, however the roads are brill!!! We hope to set up a bike friendly gite either later this year or early next year.

Have fun

Biker Bint (but only when it's sunny)


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