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scooter ...carte gris?????

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Hi All

A friend of mine found an old 50cc suzuki scooter in the barn of the property he bought sometime ago which he has kindly given to me, it was a non runner, I now have got it running although it runs rough so still needs sorting, no number plates on the scooter it's about 1980/85 ish and no carte gris, do I need a carte gris for such an old scooter as with no number plate, what do you register??

may be a question for Sunday Driver

Many thanks



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Pre 2004 50cc scooters do not currently need to be registered, but as of 1 January 2011, a carte grise will become mandatory for them all.  However, there is nothing to stop you registering the scooter before that date - you may even find your insurer will give you a discount if you do.

The first thing you will have to do is establish that you now are the legal owner of the scooter, ie that your friend was entitled to gift it to you.  Vehicles 'found in a barn' are covered by Article 536 of the civil code which states "The sale or donation of a house with everything in it does not include cash, debt or operating rights or any other securities that may be deposited in the house.  All other effects are included."  If the scooter was not specifically mentioned in the acte de vente, then your friend must ask his notaire to certify that it was included in the sale of the house.  The notaire's attestation will confirm your friend's legal title, which he can then pass on to you in the form of a letter or a certificat de cession.

That then establishes you as the owner of the scooter and you can proceed to obtain insurance cover for it.  You also have something to produce when the gendarmes pull you over and ask 'Is this your vehicle, sir'......

As far as eventually registering it, you just follow the normal process via your prefecture.  In place of a certificate of conformity, you must produce either the original dealer sale invoice or your insurance certificate containing the following minimum information -  D1: Marque, D2: Type Variante Version, E: Numbero d'idenfication (VIN) and J1: Genre.  These are required for the production of the carte grise which is issued free of charge. 


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Sunday Driver

Firstly, thank you for your prompt post, and pray tell where do you keep all this information, I sometimes struggle with my own name :) fully understand except for J1:Genre, I know it means type, would that mean l'essence?

Thanks again



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