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Obtaining C of C for Honda CBR1000


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I have perhaps rashly declared my immaculate 14 year old baby 'pernamently exported' from UK, however when trying to get a C of C from Honda France they say that as the BHP exceeds 100 I cannot do it. Living in France it would be a nightmare to try to re-import & register in UK.

Can somebody please give me a guide as to what to do. Is it possible to get the BHP reduced to 100 easily & cheaply? What else might need doing to be able to get it registered. I know the bike is old so not worth much monetarily, but it is like new & I cannot just 'write it off'.
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Hi Louise&Gary,

On the face of it, yes, you have a problem, I'm afraid ...  [:(]

1.  If the bike is over 100hp, yes, it will need to be restricted by a Honda dealer.

2.  As to the registration paperwork:  First off, strictly speaking, you're not asking for a CoC because CoCs only apply to bikes registered after June 2003.  Instead, what you need is an Attestation d'identification pour véhicules importés conformes à un type communautaire.  Normally, these are issued by the importer, Honda France. However, Honda France will most likely not give you an Attestation, because, for one thing, being a UK-sourced bike, your headlamp dips the wrong way.  So what you will most likely get is a different document called a Certificat de conformité partielle aux normes françaises.  (Also, please note that Honda France will also not give you any documents if the model of bike was never imported into France.)

Once you've got this Certificat you will then have to get the bike modified, normally by a Honda dealer, to bring it into full conformity with the homolgation standard of the time.  You will then need to go to the DREAL for a vehicle inspection, called a Reception à titre isolé, before getting your full Attestation.  After which - and armed with a few more documents including a TVA declaration - you can go get the bike registered.

For more info and other bikers' expereiences, you might want to join Bike Club France: http://bikeclubfrance.com/forum/index.php



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Dont like your situ, I was gutted when my Whale had to be sold, 92 FM red n black toured everywhere 2 up, I had in France a Truimph Trophy 1200 for 7 years cos it struggled to make 120hp so getting it down to 100hp was not a problem when exporting it, I ponder this year as to get a CBR 1000 again but the 100 hp kept lurking so Ive purchased a Varadero 1000 which is minus 100hp, but Ive read somewhere on a bike forum site recently that after jan 2011 the french are giving in to this 100hp rule, so wait and see before selling or spending out on parts,
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