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REgistering a new '50'

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I'm familiar with many aspects of importing new and used motos/cars/campers etc but can't find chapter and verse on something I was thinking of doing, so any advice gratefully received.

I'm looking for a cheap 50 to hang on the back of our Camping Car (not as quick as our 1150 Beemer but light enough for the carrier...!). I'll be in the UK in January and can have a Chinese 50 delivered  to the door for silly money... Yes, I know it will dissolve if it gets wet and some parts are make of soft cheese, but it will do the job planned for it.

It comes unregistered and with an EEC CoC, so my questions are:

Will there be any Duane problems arriving in France with an unregistered scooter on the Camping Car's motorcycle carrier?

Does registering a non-UK registered 50 need a Quittus Fiscale -  if so as it's less than 6 months old and with nil mileage it may be liable for additional TVA

Is it worth paying the #15 UK tax to register it in the UK first to get a V5?

Is it possible to register at a sous-prefecture if you have the relevant docs (receipt, CoC etc) or is it still necessary to use an agent scooter company?

Any thoughts/advce gratefully received.

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No problems arriving in France with a new unregistered scooter on the back of your camping car.

As it's a new vehicle, TVA is payable in France so ask for the scooter to be supplied UK VAT free for export.  You will have to visit your local French tax office with the original sales invoice and pay the TVA in order to obtain the quittus fiscal which is required for registration.

No point in registering it in the UK.

You can register the scooter at the La Rochelle prefecture or at any of the sous-prefectures.

Registration procedure for imported new vehicles.


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Many thanks SD.

Just one point - is the full amount of TVA payable in France if VAT has already been paid in another UK country, ie the UK, or just any difference?

UK VAT will be 20% by then and French TVA is 19.6% - close enough not to make a significant difference on buying - and it would probably be simpler just to pay-up in the UK.

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Unlike other types of merchandise, VAT on new motor vehicles is payable in your country of residence rather than in the country of purchase, so you have to pay the full French TVA when you import the vehicle into France. That's why you buy it tax free in the UK to avoid paying VAT twice over.

The export process at the UK end is quite simple.  You and the supplier complete and sign a VAT form 411 to exempt you from paying UK VAT.  The supplier sends a copy off to HMRC and you get a copy for your records. If you wish to use a vehicle on the roads and subsequently drive it across to France, the supplier will organise a temporary export registration.  You then have two months in which to remove the vehicle from the UK. 


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