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Well, it had to happen one day.


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I sold my Triumph last week.

I loved that bike but, if I'm honest, I never really got used to the feet-forward riding position and getting around tight hairpin bends was always, err, interesting. [:-))]

Anyway, went out yesterday and bought this


It is BIG and HEAVY but SO comfortable to ride.

No pipe & slippers jokes please. [:D]


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Absolutely no jokes from me! The riding position looks so much more comfortable and of course the bike gets good reports in other departments!

I'm still OK on my VFR at the moment but I may get a set of bar-risers this year, I'm beginning to feel the ache in my wrists.

Happy riding and Happy Easter, Bugsy!

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Love the GS, I have a R80GS Basic and R100GSPD. Check out the UK GS Forum if you haven't already. It is a mine of information and there are some really helpful (as well as some not so helpful) people on there. Enjoy Your new M/C Bugsy [:)]

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