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Scary moment.


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I'm just back from a brilliant week riding in the Cevennes (Tarn Gorges etc).

Just amazing.

What wasn't so good was on the first day of the trip on the run down to the Riders Rest B&B I had a puncture at 130kph on the A20.

First I was aware of a problem was when a small weave started that very quickly became big weave.

Slowed the bike down (I think the fact I was fully loaded with camping gear helped) and managed to get into the very conveniently placed service area. Luckily the tyre stayed on the rim.

When I stopped the back of the bike was covered in pink slime and a rather large hole was found right in the centre of the tread (but no foreign object).

I put a total of four plugs in the hole but it wouldn't seal mainly because, I'm told, the tyres were filled (by the previous owner) with this pink stuff that supposedly stops punctures, actually prevents the plugs from doing their job.

Tony from the B&B really put himself out and came out to recover me with a trailer (thanks mate)

He took me and the bike into Brive the next day where I had two new tyres fitted.


This was my first bike puncture in over 40 years of riding so I guess I've been quite lucky.

As for the 'slime' sh!t, well I wouldn't even think about using it.

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I had a similar incident on the N10 last September at 110kph. I can confirm that adrenaline is brown!!  [:-))] I managed to stay upright, but that weave!! Oh dear, it takes a little while to understand what's happening. I was overtaking a Spanish lorry at the time.

I called my insurance breakdown service and they appeared within 15 minutes and took me and the bike to a motorcycle dealer in Angouleme where I had 2 Michelin PR3s fitted. Fantastic tyres!

All the best Bugsy!


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