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Picos de Europa Tour August 2012


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I'm back after a week with friends in the Picos mountains in Northern Spain.

Tired and with much-reduced 'chicken-strips'  

Day 1. 439 km's (overnight in this hotel)   [url]http://www.gurutzeberri.com[/url]

Day 2. 320 km's (Camping at La Isla de Picos in Furiena.)

Day 3. 220 km's

Day 4. 50 km's

Day 5. 225 km's

Day 6. 756 km's

If you haven't been the Picos de Europa is just superb.

Lake Riano fag break.


A couple of videos.





and Day Three rideout route.


Oh, and some goats.........


Only experienced two potential incidents on the whole trip and both on the Bordeaux ring road -

it certainly has its share of inattentive 'muppet' drivers.


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Enjoyed the post, thanks. I am looking to go down here next year I spent a week in the French Alps in June, 3000kms in total. Fab.

Took this article as my inspiration and the tour lived up to it all:


Just noticed the black TDM on the video, same as mine, plus I have the Hero 2 too!
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