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Motorbiking in france - Aveyron 12 and nearby departments

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Hi there, I'm sure you'll find some bikers on this forum but there is a dedicated BikeClub France

site http://www.bikeclubfrance.com/index.php?sid=4ea16b14d1558c28d6612c61e5d8bf8f

mostly English, a good forum, with ride-outs. Take a look at that. Good luck with finding some riding buddies.
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Hi, and welcome to the motorcycling section. It's been fairly quiet on here of late but there are definitely some bikers around!

I realise that you've included your location in the title of the post, but it would help if you could include it on your details shown at the side of your posts (you can do this via "edit your details" near the top of the page, click on your username) then others can see whether your posts are relevant to them, ride-outs for example.

As it turns out you're a little too far from me (Deux-Sevres) but I've just spent a week in Albi (very nice too!).

I assume you ride a Kawasaki !

There are some other members on here and I'm sure they'll be along to say hello soon.




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