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Unique & Creative Photography?

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Hi there,

Been poking around a bit at what photography is available in the South of France for my wedding. I have noticed that alot of the wedding photographer's are the photojournalist type. This is neither my style or my interest. I am having a small, intimate affair and have no need for 12-15 hours of photography and while I would love to have photo's taken in a small french village, in a vineyard or outside of the medieval wall lined city of Carcassonne, I would like something more this style:


Have you any idea where I might find something like this in the South of France?

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I have looked at this website and like the shots taken but they are all taken in a studio enviroment which is very differant to a wedding situation.  Most of the images on this website would have been digitally changed and edited to create this modern mood.  With a wedding, the photographer will only have so many chances to get a perfect shot, and working with groups of people can be quite difficult doing the right thing at the right time.  Have you looked for the advertisements in the back of the French wedding mags, perhaps you will see some photographers websites and then you can investigate their work further.  I wish you luck with your search.

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Thank you for your response. Yes, indeed. Those are all in studio with modification...but the style is quite cool. I like the idea of keeping it fun, light and airy. I like a more artist approach, rather than the more classic wedding style photographer's tend to stick to. Not that I am opposed to wedding photographer's, per se, but would be more interested in someone that has a unique artist flair for the outdoor wedding in the South of France...:)
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Venture acts like a big franchise in the UK.

They started back in the late eighties and because of their (then) unusual and clean (prop-free) style, during my time in the professional photography business, I saw many a traditional professional photographer turn to them to boost their "studio income".

All their franchisees are trained to produce the same finished result

and you can recognise a Venture photographer in any UK town by his shop window alone.

Their approach is rather like "photography by numbers".

The backgrounds used are always predominantly white, the studio lights

set in fixed places, the subjects (clients?) asked to wear very dark

or very light colours to help produce pictures in high contrast.and the creative side of the shoot is dependant in the main on the willingness of the subjects (clients) to be actively interacting with the other participants, rather than stand or sit in a static pose.

This style is impossible to reproduce in outside shots. Your best approach would be, in the first instance, to do an internet search for photographers in the area and to sift through their online album to find the ones who are the least traditional.

Here is one I have found just by googling (not a recommendation, BTW, just an example): http://www.audemariage.com/PAGES/mariage2.html
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