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'Hot Cocoa'




'Isabelle Autissier'


'Pierre de Ronsard'


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All really nice RR, particularly 'Hot Cocoa'.

Any more from anyone else?  Someone tried to get something like this going a few weeks back and it (so to speak) died a death.

Surely this is more interesting than e-coli burgers or DSK or bloody taxation or .................... [:'(] 

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In the UK (Thames Valley), we didn't grow roses in borders because the soil was so alkali.

To start off with, same down here.  However, over the last couple of years, we've built raised (stone) beds for lavender and roses. The infilling has been a one third each mix of bought terreau, sifted local topsoil and homemade compost.

And so we've sort-of discovered roses!  They seem to love the growing conditions, even the extreme heat.  Had some great successes so far. Only problem seems to be black spot - some varieties are fine, others much less so. We spray, but are reluctant just now, because the bees are very active around the lavender.

Any suggestions for a bee-friendly black spot antidote would be welcome.   

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