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Which Morticer ????

expat paul

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Anybody got one of these  ?? or have comments good or bad, or maybe recommend another in the same price range, 


I am not looking to spend a fortune, as it will have alot to do initially, 60+, but not much after til I have time to 'play'.


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No, I got sidetracked onto something else (very fine half-lap joints, on ¼" timber...).

Had a nasty experience today. I got a couple of Lie Nielsen planes as a retirement present from school (#62, #66) which go nicely with my LN #95 and #60½. So that I can take them over to France next week, I needed a case. As it happens we were cleaning out the loft, and I found a couple of foam-filled flight cases. Ideal, I thought. So I spent Saturday morning cutting up foam and sticking it down with hot glue, burning myself and making a shocking mess. Finished and put the cases to one side, planes inside.

This afternoon (Tuesday!) I got the block plane out and it was rusted all over! The jack had some marks on it, a Record 077 was stained, the bronze on the #95 looked tarnished. So, a lot of work with fine emery (I thought of lapping, but I don't think a light rub will have taken the soles out of true) and some new wooden cases made!

Not a pleasant discovery.

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