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Bandsaw blade sharpening


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[quote user="JEAN74"]Hi,
I am looking for somewhere that sharpens bandsaw blades for my mobile sawmill.
I am based in the Creuse and was wondering if anyone could recommend a well priced, quality sharpening establishment.


Hi Jean74

If your in the right Cruese there is a company on the D750 between Descartes and Barrou. Its in the shed next door the the agricultural machine repair place. Now run by the Son but father goes there still and speaks perfect english.


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hi ok

                  not for band saw blades...... would have thought that the blade was not fitted to the boss true that was causing your vibration or some has not sharpened it right

  how much do you pay to have it resharpened ???

 have found out it`s less expensive to buy new from here  http://www.woodfordwm.co.uk/ 


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