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Bin busy again..


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I know others have said it but your work is absolutely fantastic. You are a craftsman and an artist and it gives great pleasure in just looking at the photographs. It would be great to see a few more if you have the time to post them.
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Fisherman, you are very kind and thank you! I have been called an artist for a boat load of years,  but it has normally been because of the pint glass in my hand[:$]  It is somewhat of a surprise that the meaning seems to have changed fairly reciently? I still managed to keep the glass in hand, but not when I have sharp instruments, or high speed bits of wood at hand too![:-))]

I will continue to post photos of what I do, but a look at my web site and photobucket page in my signature has most of what I do.

It is a lovely hobby when you can pick up a log that could very easily finish up on the fire and discover just what it hides? The candle stick at the very beginning of this post proves that to me. The proverbial uguly duckling that bit of Russian olive from our garden!

Another lovely thing of turning, as I have said before, is that when you are forming something you can see the shape of the spinning wood


But you don't just don't really see what you have until you stop the lathe


And it is one of the best parts of what I do. This vase is a piece of spalted beech (spalting is when the fungus starts to attack and break down fallen logs) and although I knew there would be a pattern there is no way of knowing what it is till you see the stationary piece.

I have been turning now for about 16 years and every piece is fresh. How many people can say that, apart from turners?

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Back in the workshop again. This time for a Lazy Susan. Anyone know what the name is in French?

Also, anyone know what these are called in french http://www.axminster.co.uk/triangle-lazy-susan-bearing-prod20991/?searchfor=lazy%20susan%20bearing

Just done another bit and finished it a couple of daze back. 17"diameter top

Good fun making this one, especially turning 36 ash balls 5/8" diameter!

Nearly made me dafter than I am already, but it don't arf look nice!!

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Jonz, just reading through this post...amazing !!! beautiful...!!! tell you what, my job takes me to many places around the world (Russia, Europe, Middle-East, North Africa, South-Africa)...Is there any kind of wood you would like to work on? I would be happy to bring a (smallish) log back for you.
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Thank you

Gemonimo. As I have said before, I love doing what I do.

Thank you too Eric, as above. That is very kind of you. Most of the wood that I use is local stuff. One of the woods that I would love to get hold of is olive. Should not be too dificult here, but lots of other turners are looking for it too! We are going to one of the olive oil producers soon and I will ask there what the possibility is?

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I bin back in my workshop again today to finish a couple of bits. This is one of them, I didn't make the clock bit


Small spindles are 1/8" diameter and aren't as difficult as they seem

to turn. Before I sealed and laquered it I did a dry assembly


it has been sanding sealed which gives it a finish like silk and then

melamine laquer and buffed and assembled. It can either stand on its own

or hang on the wall

Good ere init

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Jonz, I see you are getting more adventurous with your designs and your skills are improving all the time.

This is such a nice piece; good to look at and very functional.

That's the essense of good design, of course:  beauty AND funtionality.  I don't like the one without the other!

Well done, Jonz [:D]

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The woodwork forum I am on certainly keeps me thinking! They are running

a monthly challenge where you have to make a specific item each month.

This is the second year of it and it has been a challenge in lots of

ways! This month the item is a suspended/supported ball. Almost anything

goes as long as it's all turned wood and the ball doesn't touch the

base! Good game, good game!

I couldn't get into my workshop

during the cold snap so had to get going and I finished up with this.

The ball is cedar, chain French cherry and the base/crescent beech, form

the fire wood pile! with the tiny balls done in ash, it's s a bit



fun and it looks nice on our mantle!! For the quick ones, yes there are

3 rings in the chain as I decided that it could then be either in the

middle or near the bottom of the crescent 
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Hi Ok

               Really Really nice piece....just thinking out loud .. when you see some thing like this it could be for sale in Argos for £2 .99 with made by Jonzjob China stamped on the base or .............................for sale in Sotheby`s a genuine Jonzjob ... reserve price $3,000,000  !!! crazy world we live in  .

               still like it


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[quote user="idun"]

Can't resist, this lady's not for turning! ............sorry[Www]


No I don't turn, a friend of ours used to in France and make all sort of wonderful things. We are back in England and I had been considering a 'finishing wood' course, so I hope that I'll find one somewhere to do one this autumn, the  lovely photos of your work have reminded me.


Idun, did you ever get to your finishing course?

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