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Brocantes Vide-greniers & the Gendarmes

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Today at another wet Brocante/Vide-grenier I was approached by one of the local gendarmes who gave my wet stock a good looking over for a few minutes then asked if I was a professional which I replied Of course Monsieur Officer.. With a little look of disapointment he walked away then turned straight back asking me to produce my papers.. After I showed them to him and he pointed to me that the card was due to run out and I hadn't signed it which he gave me his pen (nice pen I thought I could get a few euro's for this) he then walked off with the usual Bonn Journee whilst looking up in the heavens and laughing at my wet stock...

Anyway on a serious note this is the second time this year I have been approached and it is only April in the 4 years I have been doing this I have only been asked three time, having had a conversation the previous few weeks before with other British brocanteurs they had a similar experience, we all heard rumours they were going to start checking people who looked like a trader and regular faces they see stalling out so it seems as though it has started.

OK here are the rules as I know it, you are only allowed two in your local department anymore then you could be classed as a proffessional, I doubt if the powers to be would really mind if you did a few more..  There are plenty of people, British, Dutch and worst the French who are out more than me every sat & sun and not registered it is these people who should be careful. "I am selling my own stuff from house" "I am sellling my lifes collection of Junk Officer" "I only come here to get out of the house" they have heard all these excuses before. Also I am registered to pay my taxes in the UK doesn't work either as someone found out last year at Marsac (16). All I am saying is be ready with a good excuse if they do pull you, normally the first time they just throw you off the site and tell you to get registered the second time I am not sure not heard of anyone who has been pulled twice Guillontine perhaps...[;-)]

I hope this doesn't scare people away from having a stall at a Vide-grenier, these are fun to attend and to take a stall, a great way to support the local community, brush up on your French and drink red wine at 5 am in the morning [blink]

If you want more info on having a stall at a Vide-grenier check this thread out..http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/918042/ShowPost.aspx and if you need anymore info just e-mail me..


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