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Cleaning a decanter

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We have been trying to remove stains from the inside of a glass decanter that has been in use, off and on, for forty years or so (not cut glass, and not an antique).  It's been used mostly for red wine but the stains show no trace of red; in fact they're really colourless.

We have tried soaking it in (a) vinegar; (b) Steradent; (3) Calgon washing machine water softener; (4) a "Finish" dishwasher tablet in water (not all at the same time!)  None of them has made any visible difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  It's quite a pretty decanter and it has some sentimental value, otherwise we wouldn't bother.


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Chop up raw potato into small chunks - smaller than you would need to go through the neck of the decanter as it will swell up.  Cover with tepid water.  Swirl around for a while and keep doing so for a day or so.  Empty out - this is where you will see if you have chopped it small enough.....

Chrissie (81)

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