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Designer Outlets in France ???


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In Troyes there is

a MacArthur Glen in Pont Ste Marie, to the East of the town, but around this area are huge outlets of levi's, farmer, (I can't remember all of them) but designer - we often stop and look, but have never bought anything.  the Glen part is quite good, but depends on the season.  You can buy sandels in the autumn, and cheap winter coats in the sping...

On the Avenue Dijon (I think) there are three larger grous of shops the Avenue des Marques??? This has some good designer shops and I often buy things here, (hope husband doesn't read this!)  Also down the same road is the house and home section.  This is great for villroy bosch (Spelling gone somewhere for Christmas).

But it's only since not being in Troyes fulltime that I've missed the shops.  Gald to be back there tomorrow evening.

Outside the town there are also shops for Lacoste and Petit Bateau (both based in the town).  Also on the main road to the North West are the tights factories and their outlets.

Happy Shopping,


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