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Small dining tables


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I am not quite sure what you have in mind but Sesame and But sell the small (2 seater) marble and wrought  iron Bistro tables (oval or rectangular) and they are very sturdy and  reasonably priced.


I have just read Sue's reply and I think the ones I mentioned above also seat 4. (probably they are the same)

PM me for details.[:)]

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Are you aware that the rules for B&B say that all guests - and the hosts - must all eat around the same large table?

http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/9/1145132/ShowPost.aspx#1145132 - top of page 9

Otherwise you could do as the French do. Get some nice table legs and screw them to a piece of chipboard. When covered with a cloth it looks just like a real table.


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