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Greek Yoghurt


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[quote user="Fridgeman"]

Hi All

I  miss Total yoghurt and emailed them, their reply was rather vague "available in most supermarkets" so if anyone finds it (Dept 86) please post, I have looked for a Greek/Turkish shop in Poitiers but to date no luck and why are olives so expensive here


There is a muslim market day in Chatellerault, can't remember if it's Tuesday or Thursday (yes I know it's Friday today) must be cheap for olives and they must have the thick yogurt too.

Just a thought

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Hi Teapot

only just seen your reply (thank you) will take a look and see which day its on, only need one tub as can then make my own from that tub will work OK for at least 4/5 times before new pot needed, there is something special about Total yoghurt and Greek honey



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