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Hi/Bonjour, I have an old 60's gas range, New World 173A, http://www.salvo.co.uk/images/userimgs/29775/37275_1.jpg and its currently on mains gas. I cannot find anyone who can help with a contact, so I can get a conversion kit for it. Ive sent loads of emails to organisations, but no replies :-(. Im in North Normandy, near Argentan, if anyone can help. Pleeeeeeze, I love my cooker and dont want to buy a modern one.

Alternatively, I also have a, mains gas, Rayburn Royal, http://www.salvo.co.uk/images/userimgs/23991/26611_1.jpg which is also 60's. The heating in the house is oil fired so would possibly get it converted to oil, is this possible???

Sorry, but need help.

Thanks guys...
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