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M & S, Chronopost and My Legal Rights


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Oh go on, Coops, show GG your photo of you in the mini skirt with your nice, handsome, shy-looking OH!

I'm not quite sure she'd understand what I'm talking about otherwise.

As for you other clever folks out there, even if I manage to get the wooden spherical thingy, where does one get darning needles?

Perhaps, I should ask that smiley woman in the Victorian Farm (now that's a programme that is full of ideas for cash strapped OAPs living in France)?

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It makes me feel very anceint as I have always had a darning mushroom in my sewing box -and wool - and darning needles as well !!!!  . Where it came from - who knows ??? - ???

I used to like darning in my younger days - my Ist OH had beautiful darns in his woollen socks - now my poor 2nd OH has his holey socks tossed in the bin and new ones from M& S like

Mr Sweet .

That reminds me - used to use old socks to make pullies for the dog. 

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