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Sofas-La Redoute?


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Thank you Cooperlola will do!

I went to the local press today and picked up my fabric sample from La Redoute that I ordered weeks ago. It is just a load of fabric squares with no labels and no way of knowing which sofa they belong to. You would think because they don't charge for this they would do a better job. I am none the wiser. [:(]

Even if I knew which samples relate to the two sofas I am interested in, I would still be concerned that they don't have any protection such as Teflon on them at all.

Cendrillon, I have never been into BUT but I will go and have a look. Thanks for the information.[:)]


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Cendrillin, how stupid of course you did. [:$]

I am not sure if there is a Fly in our area but will have a search. I have seen BUT but have never been inside.


Edit: Just checked and there is a Fly in Brive so will go to see, thank you.

Cooperlola the model I was interested in was marked down 25% to 899 now it is 20% discount so the price has gone up to €959.20! [blink]

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We bought an expensive french make settee and chair via La Camif and it was a catastrophy. A so called good make.

I saw the same make in one of the big furniture shops and there was a little tag on it explaining usuage. Apparently sitting on a settee for 5/6 hours a day is excessive wear. I have words to describe that idea.

We had to change our bad buy within two years and went shopping to discuss what we were buying before we bought another one.

Buyer beware.
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