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Somebody Up there Likes Me !!


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After all the tales of gloom and doom on here about the problems of getting a repair / replacement / refund from French retailers, I wasn't looking forward to this morning's outing to try to get satisfaction over my broken strimmer.

It hasn't been a good few days: seized swimming pool pump, conked out leaf shredder (fixed that myself eventually) and a blocked up kitchen sink. Then yesterday I sallied forth to deal with the foot-high growth around the house. I bought the strimmer a year ago and its probably had just 15hrs use in that time: after 20 minutes yesterday, it just stopped.  No nasty noise from the motor, nothing jammed, just stopped.

I stripped it down (yes, I know that you're not supposed to) and nothing untoward like a dodgy connection. It was almost certainly the switch, but you can't easily change something like that.  Then I spent 2hrs trying to find the receipt, which happily I eventually did.  Decidedly grumpy yesterday evening.

Went to the retailer this morning.  "What were you doing with it?"  "Strimming", I replied with barely a hint of sarcasm. After plugging it in to check that the stupid customer hadn't got that bit wrong, the young man went off for 2 mins (probably to get the OK), returned and took a new one off the rack. All done & dusted in 5 mins flat.  Happy customer.

So you see, these Frenchies aren't all bad after all.  [kiss]

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[quote user="AnOther"]No but your old one will probably be cleaned up and put back on the shelf for some other hapless punter to buy !

Oh, you and Norman are such cynical old burghers.

They'd have more than a problem to clean my old one up  - even after just 15hrs of use, it was a bit battered!

The truth of the matter is that I'm such a cheapskate that I didn't buy a decent one 12 mths ago. With all the stones & general debris, its quite a problem (although that doesn't explain the conking-out of yesterday).

Oh well, this one will last for x hrs of use, and then I'll just have to fork out for a quality product.   

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- Gardian -

You know what'll happen now don't you ?    The Welsh version of 'Sod's Law' will now operate;   when you know you've bought something that's not quite right, but 'it'll do for the time being' - and you're just longing in your heart for it to give up the ghost -

IT WON'T - it will go on, and on and on and on and on.........  and will drive you insane in all that time because it's not quite strong enough to do what you want it to.

It's called 'life and stuff' - and we never learn.

Good luck with your new strimmer - may you have years and years of fun !!!!!!


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