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Has this to do with French protectionism?


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Did an online shop for some vitamins pills today.  It is a company based in the Canary Islands (recommended to me by Pommier) and, after noticing some dental chews for dogs, I ordered a packet for my little spoilt darling.

Similar chews cost something like 35 euros a kilo or some such ridiculous price in the magasins.

These were less than half the cost and I was delighted to find them as the dog just adores them and she gets given one if she's had something unpleasant done like having her ears cleaned.

When it came to Checkout, guess what, there was a red rectangle round the dog chews and I was informed that this item was not allowed into France and would I like to remove them from my basket or have them sent to another address?

So, I couldn't help wondering if the cause is some sort of French protectionist registration and whether I could have had them sent to the UK instead?

Anyone has any ideas or comments?

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Friends told me once that they had had the same problem when they had ordered stuff with the guinness logo on it. The screen told them that goods advertising alcoholic drinks were not permitted in France. Seemed like nonsense to me, but there you go, they couldn't buy what they wanted.

Dog chews though, no idea why that would be.

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Oh Pommier, I was mixing up all these blasted islands![:$]

Nevermind, Zooplus, yes, have used them before so will look there.

Do you know what, I am increasingly getting confused between my a*** and my elbows......gggrrrr...

Anyway, on another tack, I put my chateau on leboncoin and, whilst not having found a buyer (but some inquiries), I had many enquiries from immobiliers and one of them has found some people who are très interessés and so on verra![:D]

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