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Beware 'La Poste'


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Recently I have had a few promotional emails from La Poste. One of their ideas was to buy stamps online. I thought good idea as I frequently need stamps at different tariffs according to weight and this would save me a difficult trip to the post office.

So went ahead and after making the payment, my pc went down, no problem I thought as I could continue where I left off a little later when back online. Wrong, La Poste now tells me if I disconnect, I cannot reconnect to print out my stamps and all complaints have to be made within 48hours. I was late on this. So, no stamps, payment made for nothing and unhappy. Plus jamais La Poste.

Here is their reply to my query.-------

‘ L'impression des timbres doit être faite après le paiement ; Une deconnexion ne permet plus de revenir sur une commande .

Selon nos conditions générales de vente les réclamations concernant les incidents d'impression des timbres doivent être formulées sous 48 heures.

Dans votre cas ce délai est dépassé je ne peux donc satisfaire à votre demande.’

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I've been using the online service to print stamps for letters and parcels for a long time now. There have been a couple of glitches where the stamp has not printed but that was a while ago when they were updating the website. I was given a refund without any problem. IMO up to 48 hours is reasonable time for anyone to expect a refund.

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