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tv recommendation please


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Have been thinking about getting a larger tv set for a couple of years, what with failing eyesight and increasing deafness, etc!

Since 5 April, also no more French programmes as our tv does not support MPEG4.  So, it's either a decoder or a new tv.

On balance, I think I'll get a new energy efficient tv and put the old tv downstairs where it's nice to spend time in the summer months.

So, any recommendations for a 32 inch tv that is capable of receiving French programmes?

If you could do it in the next few hours, it would be great as I shall be off to leclerc after lunch to see what there is on offer.

Don't mind paying a bit more but definitely do not have access to megabucks[:)]

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I bought 3 from Leclerc on the 4tn April, madeupbrandname Tucson, cheap as chips, €149 each for a 32" LCD fully compliant, far better than the ones that I had bought only a few months ago from Géant, these are 4" bigger screen, €30 cheaper and most importantly the sound is much better, with the others I was beginning to doubt my hearing and thought I would have to buy une barre de son, I started a thread on it recently. The picture quality is better but marginally I was more than happy with the other ones and would not have known they could be bettered, the sound I knew that I could not put up with.

Also for some stupid reason the others did not have an EPG, I just kicked myself saying buy cheap buy twice.

So if they have the Tucson 80cm at €149 Mint I recommend it, I cant see its Worth paying a lot more for a brand name but others who are more into their tellys will disagree, I am delighted with mine.

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vette, thank you.  I know you don't post much on here these days so your input is doubly appreciated!

Have been down to leclerc and this is what happened.

Put lunch off and hared down there with OH.  No Tuscon on display and I guessed that they might have had a run on them.

Went to Customer Services (alas, inaptly named) and asked for someone to come down to the rayon where the tvs were.

A plump young man turned up, maybe disturbed at his déjeuner, and asked what I wanted.  I explained that I was looking for a Tucson, 80 cm, LED, fully compliant with the new norms and that a friend from the north of France had recommended that I looked here in chez Leclerc for the television.  I said I couldn't find an example on the shelves.

So he looked around the shelves (fair enough as I might be blind and stupid or both) and said no, it's not here.

I asked was he expecting any more to be delivered?  No, I do not do the ordering.

OK, is there a branch of Leclerc around here who might have the tv?  Well, there is a branch at x and one at y.  Thank you, could you possibly ring the branch at (40 minutes' drive away) and ask them if they have one of these tvs in stock?

No, I can't do that!  OK, do you have some specs of the tv so that I can look at them and obtain more information?  No, I don't have any such thing.

I wished I had had the presence of mind to have taken down his name and could have complained.  But, I'd had a rdv at our house with a couturier just before and, having put off lunch was already hungry and not exactly on the ball.

Result.  Leclerc 1 Mint 0

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We have just replaced our ageing Sony Bravia 32" jobbie with a full bells/whistles Sony Bravia 42" and could not be more pleased with it. More than 149€ but it's only money init and you can't take it with you.

Basically you pays yer money and takes yer choice. We preferred the Sony and got it from Darty. We chose Darty because we have had to return there with warranty problems. They were solved immediatly and with a smile [8-|]

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Just content yourself that it was a one off bad experience, you get that here 100% of the time and several magnitudes worse, its not even a racist thing they do it to everybody, its 11 years today and I have found just one exception, the lady manager at Gifi but she comes from the côte d'azur.


She said to me with a smile, yes you can bring back the drawer unit you dont want, i know its more than 30 days but we still have them on the shelf, no problem (expecting the usual I hadnt even taken it with me) so I returned and was met with Mme Grumpy who scolded me for disturbing her lunch (they are open but the store is deserted because they are all à table) she then started to harangue me with a lot of head shaking and I just kept repeating "je sais!" like an imbecile to all her statements, she was getting more and more insulting and I kept smiling because I could see the nice manageress approaching from behind her.


Boy oh boy did her attitude change, all sugary sweet and smiley and 100% false just like the woman in the office de tourisme when my friend, the head of tourisme for the region has to take her to task on my account.


I could only dream of having a one off bad experience.


You might be able to order the TVon line Mint.

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Thanks, Jonz, seems I could have ordered it and could have had it in 72 hours and even have had it delivered to my home.

If that uncooperative man had told me all that, I'd have bought and paid for one straightaway.

I'm a fan of Darty too.  Bought a Samsung washing machine from them a few months ago and it was delivered on the day I requested, within the time slot I had specified, by 2 men so no one expecting help with the machine.  Before the men left, they tested the machine, made sure I got the warranty card and took the old machine away without any bother.

I'm glad you mentioned the Sony because OH said Sony machines have very good speakers for music.  Our present is also a Sony Bravia and is still going strong.

I'll probably buy a new tv and also a decoder for the old one so we will be able to watch what we like in separate rooms!

Mind you, if we did any more things separately, we might as well be divorced! 

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Hello Grocer

Thank you for your input.  I must say I have bought Samsung products very recently which are, IMHO, fantastic value for money.  A washing machine and a laser printer in the last few months; both more than meet expectation.

Do you think that the sound on the Samsung tv is good?  Do you have info on the speakers, please?

The one on sale at Darty is the 32 " (249 euros) that I want but, reading throught the avis, a few people have pointed out that you can only switch it off completely (that is, you can only switch off on stand-by via the tv) by switching it off at the plug.  Is that true and if so, is it a pain or just something you get used to doing?

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Hi there,

That is correct, the Samung can not be switched off only put into standby. The cut power completely

you have to remove the plug from the power source. I just leave mine in standby...

The sound is "fair" but as I have a large room I bought an LG sound bar with a wireless

subwoofer....really good value, probably the best buy sound bar for it's price on the market.

Not sure what stores you have priced but ironically I found Conforama the cheapest

when I bought my TV....


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Thank you, Grocer.

Edit:  Now that I think about it, the Samsung laser printer does not switch off other than at the mains either.  However, it's possible to switch off the washing machine using the on-off switch on the front of the machine and it even plays a little tune when it's finished the programme!

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Mint, if you have any kind of Freesat, Sky, or DVD recorder box attached to your fish tank then you are already used to not switching it off completely. They all just go into standby mode. That's the way that most of the modern fish tanks are going. Our new Sony Bravia is the same. Some actually advertise that they have an off switch. I looked at so many I can't remember which ones now, but it seemed quite bizarre at the time?

So, the answer is yes you do get used to it. If they do that then they are designed to do just that. The problem was that when they were designed to be switched off and were just switched to standby all the time then problems could occur. My son has his fish tank catch fire when it was left in standby. It took out his flat and almost all of the stuff in it. It was not designed to be left like that all the time. Things are different now though. It almost burned the pub down that he was the manager of at the time too [:-))][:-))][:-))][:'(]

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Further to the question of 'standby'? We bought a new kettle yesterday. This morning SWMBO came into the bedroom just after I had awakened (posh in owr 'ose) and asked how it worked. I said that it worked by pressing the on button on the base, the light wold come on, the water temprature would show and it would start to get 'ot!

It don't do that was the answer. Oh said I. I'll drag me bum out an 'ave a butchers at it. I couldn't get it to work either, so working to my experience that when all else fail read the instructions I got the book and read said instructions. 

The dammed thing has got a standby mode!!! [:-))] and after a while, like overnight, it switches into standby and you have to press the button for 3 seconds and it wakes up and lowers itself to work!!

Standby on a haunted fish tank, OK, but on a bleedin kettle [8-)][:-))][8-)][8-)]

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[quote user="Jonzjob"]Singularitie?

I'm more of a dualist (or should that be gradualist [8-)] )and I'll fight anyone who says I'm not.

Swords or pistols?[geek][geek]

Did you write that stuff Pierre? If so, why?[blink]


Dawn or dusk?[8-)]

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Well, do I hear a collective groaning and mutters of it's that woman (or worse) again?

And, also, I hate doing things in a hurry especially when I am spending money.

However, with Roland Garros just around the corner (timewise), I am poised with credit card at the ready to buy a new tv[:D]

Final question, at the moment I have a freesat box to receive UK programmes.  So a new tv would still enable me to plug in the freesat and still get the dear old BBC before it's changed out of all recognition, right?

Exchange rate pretty good so I'm ready to go.........!

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