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a facebook question


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A facebook question, yes, it IS a first for me[:-))]  So, here is the scenario.  I have been looking at cars on line and I have in the past used a large chain of car-sellers both for ourselves and for a friend.

So, I have found a "nice, little runner", as we used to say, and I requested a devis etc.  I am thinking of opening an on line account with the firm so that I can re-visit the cars I have looked at and indeed look again at my choice and think about it.

But to open an account, it says, open your account avec facebook and there is also another column to open an account on facebook.

So, I have nothing to do with facebook and I am immediately confused.  Can I opt for the first choice whilst not being a member of facebook and my details will not be made public to all and sundry?

If no satisfactory explanation comes from you, knowledgeable people, I'll just ring the nearest branch to me and deal with them on the phone.  These complications of modern life give me the pips.

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I often get these requests IE "open with your Facebook account" as I do not want facebook snooping on my dealing there should be an option to register without using that bl00dy company.

Although I have a facebook account I don't put any personal details on it, they snoop too much for my liking.

Mint, there should be something about registering on the site.

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Many websites allow you to login with your Facebook account.....Not that I have a Facebook account.

Just ignore that option, and create a normal account. I think that is the answer to your question.

@ Wooly, the car has only been in Tours.

The up is actually quite big for the driver and passenger. Very spacious. Brilliant to drive. We have three cars and it the only one I prefer to drive everyday. Even if I had. BMW I would still the Up for most things.

You are too far any way Mint but don't discount an Up until you have sat in one. I am sure there is an auto version.

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Yes, there is, Steve.  Connect using your facebook account or do you want to open a facebook account.

I guess I'll just have to ring and speak with a human[:-))]

I was a bit taken aback because it's a big company with very competitive pricing as most of the new cars are pre-registered and, on the car I am probably going to opt for, I shall be saving about 4 k euros.

Thanks for your clarification on this.

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