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Discount stores - removal of old appliance


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Here's yet another one of my stupid questions.

When we moved into current property all kitchen appliances were brand new.   You've guessed it - they're now all deciding to stop heating, twirling, spinning, and chilling at the same time.

Sure there must be some sort of contagious 'appliance hari-kari' programmed into them.

You get the picture - lots of big appliances needing to be replaced over coming months.

Question - discount stores.   I've visited the big supermarkets and furniture stores to 'have a good look' at one specific item needed soon - a new upright american type fridge freezer.

There's one I like, available online, from a discount store.

But looking online I see reference to removal/take way old appliance' but this reference is not included in all the item descriptions - only for some of the large american f/f.

What's the usual policy on this ?   Obviously expect a charge for removal/disposal of old item, but just puzzled that such service is only indicated for some of the f/f's I've been looking at.

Thought such a service was essential, and offered by every supplier of the large electrical white goods; so why only specifically mentioned on certain models of f/f.

I'm stupid, and puzzled - anyone have any info on this for me please ?

Thanks - Chessie
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I have bought appliances online from darty and the delivery man has always taken the old appliance away.

I seem to remember that when I placed the order I had to state whether I needed anything taking away or not. Maybe there was a small charge, I can't remember.

Maybe sometimes the service is included for free and sometimes it isn't? You could try going through the motions of placing an order and see whether you are asked the question.

Probably not been much help, sorry !
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Yes, have bought a washing machine and a large American fridge freezer from Darty.  Just like you say, ET, they do take away old appliances and there is a place on the order form to say whether you want them to take things away.

No charge, that is, no charge on top to pay though there might be something included in the price?  Leclerc also take stuff away at no charge if you live within their no charge zone.

Best to ask before committing?

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