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Returning stuff to Amazon


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The method for returning unwanted goods to Amazon seems to have changed. 

Once you have told them you had something to return, they send you an email, not with a label to print off as formerly, but just a bar code with numbers. 

They have called this Label less la Poste drop off.

I am unsure about what to return inside the package.  In the past, you had to print off something to be packed inside the parcel.  Now there are no instructions about this and, without an etiquette, I do not know what address to send the parcel to.

To cut a long rambling question short.  Do I just wrap up the article, and take it to the PO with the code and, by some magic of technology, Amazon would know that it was me sending them this and the Bureau Post would know where to deliver the parcel?

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The amazon website indicates that there are several different methods of returning goods dependent upon what they are, or the seller etc. Why not just contact them via the website and explain your difficulty. If there are numerous methods it is doubtful whether anyone on the forum will be able to be specific in your case. Good luck anyway
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I've just returned a package to Amazon FR.

Once the return had been approved I was given a choice of methods of return which I think included giving it to a relais colis d’Amazon or posting it. I suspect what needs to be printed off depends on the method of return.

As I'd opted to return by post, I had an e-mail with a link to two A4 pages, which included a label to print and stick on the package, a bar code to put in the package, and instructions.

Didn't the e-mail with the bar code contain any further instructions?

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Thank you so much, pomme, for your reply.

I have copied the instructions that came with the bar code.

Instructions pour nous renvoyer vos articles.

  • Nous avons envoyé votre code de retour à l'adresse e-mail associée à

    votre compte Amazon. Numérisez votre code-barres ou tapez votre code de

    suivi à 13 chiffres au bureau de poste pour générer une étiquette pour

    votre retour.

  • Votre étiquette retour peut être imprimée depuis un automate

    d’affranchissement en Bureau de Poste en France métropolitaine.

    Sur l’automate, sélectionnez - Autres Services / Editer une étiquette

    web ou retour, puis saisissez ou scannez le numéro du colis Retour

    fourni par Amazon.

    Pour savoir si votre bureau de Poste est équipé d’un automate,

    rendez-vous sur ici

    ,sélectionnez votre bureau de Poste, puis, dans la rubrique "détails et

    horaires / services proposés", vérifiez la présence d’un " Espaces

    automates d'affranchissement "

    Une fois en bureau de poste, sur

    l’automate, sélectionnez « Autres Services », puis cliquez sur « Editer

    une étiquette web ou retour » et numérisez le code-barres ou saisissez

    le code de retour que nous vous avons envoyés par e-mail.

I will go to the bureau de poste and find one of these automates d'affranchissement.  What I worry about is that there does not seem to be anything to pack with the parcel.  I have left inside it the original address label with my name and address, etc though there are no instructions to do that.

I wish now I had opted for sending it back by Mondial Relay.  That would have been a better option, easier parking and no queue.

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Pomme, I have gone back to look at the Amazon site and also looked at the email.  And, indeed ALL instructions are contained in my post above.

I see nothing about getting a receipt for my parcel or anything else!

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I now remember that option of going to a post office with a machine which printed out the return docket. I checked on the La Poste web site and there were no post offices near me with a machine. So I opted to print my own and take the parcel to my local post office.

I hope you find one not too far away. Another option might be to cancel the return and restart the return process, although never having done that I'm not sure it would work?

I've just done a search and found this page which might help finding one (it wasn't the page I found from a link on Amazon)?


This is a short URL for that page https://tinyurl.com/yb9p7s79

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We ordered a marble rolling pin which arrived in pieces. The new return procedure did cause some confusion as we too were used to the old one.

I took the bar code to the local post office, the guy pointed out the machine. Pressed "other services" on the machine, scanned the bar code and it spat out a sticky printed lable which we stuck to the box, and a receipt. The guy was most keen to stamp it too, and took the box. Several days latter Amazon acknowledged the return, the new rolling pin had already arrived. Did not put a return slip in the parcel either.

There are three "bureau de poste" near us, all have the machine but only two show up on "La Poste" site.
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Thank you, pomme and lehaut.

I have it clear in my head now.  I looked up the PO in our nearest town and they do have one of these machines.  I have the code and that is all I need to print out the etiquette.

Lehaut, it seems the machine also print you out a "proof" and you take that to the guichet to have it stamped with the PO stamp.

I suppose, it IS easier than printing your own (no ink, printer says no, etc) and it's simple enough to get your proof stamped.

I see too that, because it's Amazon that gives you a unique code, they would know it was you who returned the parcel.

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When I returned my package with the label I had printed, the bar code on the package was scanned. That confirmed Amazon were paying for the return (and I think Amazon should then start the refund process). There was a tear-off section which was stamped and given to me as proof of posting.
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Yes, pomme, I used to do all that but today it was a breeze.

Go to the machine and follow the instructions.  The address on the label (peel off and ready stick) was for Amazon Orléans which was indeed the depot that sent me the goods.  The receipt came out with it, again with all the necessary info printed on it; date, barcode with number, etc.  Took that to the guichet for it to be tamponné.  The lady said, you don't need proof because look here, the date is already on the receipt.  However, at my insistence, she stamped it.

I thought that the machine giving me the receipt meant that I had printed out the etiquette but there was nobody to verify that I had actually POSTED the parcel.  This way I can "rester tranquille" plus, I can now track the parcel, using the number on the barcode.

BTW, the barcode started with a number and then R, R for retour, I think because I was certainly not charged.

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I'm not sure it is any better, juast an alternative.

In my case the two nearest post offices with automatic machines were about 10km away, one in the centre of town so there is also a parking problem and the other in a smaller town I don't often go through. My nearest post office is in a village about 2km away and I can walk there. It is also on the route get to most other places I go to.

The processes are very similar for both a self-printed label and using the automat. It is just the label generation process is different. You still need to go to a guichet if you want a stamped confirmation of posting and you get that if you drop off a parcel which you have labelled at home.

I suspect one of the main reasons for the automat is a significant number of people not longer have printers and they only use mobile phones and tablets. So there was a need for clear printed labels to help the return process.

Mail order suppliers needed a way of organising returns. so automating the system, printing standard readable labels with all the information they want and giving them notice the package has been returned by the bar code scan is a sensible solution. And in Amazon's case that starts the refund process the same day as posting - just need to wait a week or so for the money to reach my bank account.

Thinking back I think there was another option which may have involved the post delivery service so you could give it to the van when it passed. The posties have scanners for recorded delivery so presumably can also collect, if given advance warning?

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"Thinking back I think there was another option which may have involved the post delivery service so you could give it to the van when it passed. The posties have scanners for recorded delivery so presumably can also collect, if given advance warning?"

We used to leave parcels in our post box in Normandy after filling in a form on line. The "facteur" then collected it without us needing to go to the nearest post office.

Generally firms are getting it together for returns. Ordered some new motorbike helmets from Louis Moto.fr. They came with a return notice, as did son's shirts from TM Lewis.
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