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Boating in Brittany!

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I am thinking of buying a cruiser/powerboat to enjoy some of the beautiful coastal scenery.
Can anyone offer advice re.good moorings{sensible price}
Any legal requirements,certificates of proficiency,before us Brits are allowed to use coastal waters.etc.
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You don't say if you are new to sailing or an old hand. I live on the coast and know from neighbours and friends who are fishermen and born locally sailors that the coast is a very dangerous place if you do not know your maps and general seamanship,you only have to look when the tide is low to see the treacherous rocks dotted all over. You should really enquire with the authorities about the implications of sailing as I am pretty sure you do need some sort of certificate of competance. My son sailed catamarans for five years here and all the adults involved there had to be qualified in seamanship and local knowledge. There have been two cases already this summer of experienced skippers putting large pleasure craft on the rocks and injuring many people.
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