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Fishing on local lakes

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Can any fishing expert tell me the position with regard to fishing on local lakes. I drive around and see village lakes, and fishermen. Some seem to just turn up and fish and perhaps someone else comes round and collects a fee. Others just seem to fish without paying anything, and then again I have learned about the licence for fishing in the whole department, which means one of us and one guest. We don't fish, but I'd like to know the position for any of our guests who want to fish.

Anyone know the answers?

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The fishing licence (Permis de Peche) usually covers fishing in the rivers in one department and any other department with a reciprocal agreement. Most lakes are privately owned, or owned/leased by local fishing associations or maybe the commune. You usually have to buy a day ticket, and the contact telephone number is often posted on the gate. Otherwise enquire in the nearest tabac, where they will also sell Permis de Peche, by the day, 15 days or annual.

John and Angie Moore (17)
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