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It occurred to me today as i took my library books back for the last time, how much i am going to miss the library service.A building I have gone to most weeks.
I first joined at 3, 52 years ago. It has always been a place of warmth and excitement, ( when i was 5, I am told I pushed a little girl over, to steal the last Enid Blyton on the shelf)
a place where i can look things up, read newspapers, a place I could proudly see my dads books on display. Later a place to introduce my own children to reading. Now I can use computors, for a cheap rent obtain, DVD's,Cd's, video,order books for prompt delivery. Find out about local services, clubs.
A haven of quietness, which gives me a feeling of security,
how I shall miss it.I shall hold onto my cherised library card, to use on vists back to see friends.
What are french libraries like?
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Sometimes I run the village library here when the usual ladies are on hols etc and we have a good selection plus videos. The bibliobus comes every six months to take and replace books and my son often gets asked to go along and choose some books suitable for the teenagers. It reminds of the old Co-op van (although our dept bibliobus is state of the art engineering) that used to come round when we kids back in the 60's,but everything they sold was stale when you ate it. Our village library will soon be extended and it costs nothing to join or take the videos out, just a small fine if you are late returning and the paperwork is very meticulous with who borrowed what and when etc.
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