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Radio Controlled Model Aircraft


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LAST EDITED ON 03-Jul-03 AT 09:08 AM (GMT)

My partner wants to take up building and flying model aircraft. There are loads of web sites to look at but we wondered if anyone has experience of the hobby in France. One concern is whether the frequency of a UK purchased aircraft would be legal in France?
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Hi Liz,

This is ultra late, but I have also posted a query about padio controlled aircraft in France. The U.K. frequencies are different to France. Ours is 35 meg/hertz, the French is 41 M/H. I have flown on our frequencies in France, but only on holiday and I think that we are allowed the difference. We HOPE to move to the S/W somewhere and I will have to change my kit.

Get your partner to look up the local model shop to find out what the local club is and what ever else he does make sure that he gets insurance to cover his flying!!! The local club will teach him how to fly, it is a lot cheaper in both cash and frustration, believe me!

Good luck, it's a completely addictive hobby, but lovely with it!!!

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