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Making music CD'ds or MP3?


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Right before anyone asks, the only thing this has to do with France is that it is for a function taking place in France.

I want to make some CD compilations for a forthcoming function/soiree in France. I have a problem with both my CD drives on my computer, not much time to do it myself, and besides I need to keep it a secret.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any on line resources that can produce the music tracks perhaps from a list and burn them to CD for a fee? The problem with that is that I would like to choose tracks at random so my next question is about MP3.

I know nothing about MP3 except that you can have thousands? of tracks on a single player. Would an MP3 player be a worthwhile purchase? I assume then that I could download (for a fee no doubt) music from the internet onto the player and then somehow link the MP3 player to the Hi fi equipment.

best/ most helpfull answers willreceieve an invite to the function.

Ps Keep it shhhh!


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>I want to make some CD
>compilations for a forthcoming function/soiree
>in France. I have a
>problem with both my CD
>drives on my computer, not
>much time to do it
>myself, and besides I need
>to keep it a secret.
>I was wondering if anyone knew
>of any on line resources
>that can produce the music
>tracks perhaps from a list
>and burn them to CD
>for a fee? The problem
>with that is that I
>would like to choose tracks
>at random so my next
>question is about MP3.
There is - but not yet in Europe! The Apple Music Store allows you to download MP3s for 99 cents (US) a pop - though I don't think they will burn a CD for you. This will not be available here (UK at least) for a few months, unless you have someone in the USA who can pay, so as to have a US billing address. To do this you will need iTunes, which is available free for PC and Mac but needs Windows XP minimum. There may be others for PC users - but as a Mac user I'm not completely aware of them, others will know more.

>I know nothing about MP3 except
>that you can have thousands?
>of tracks on a single
>player. Would an MP3 player
>be a worthwhile purchase? I
>assume then that I could
>download (for a fee no
>doubt) music from the internet
>onto the player and then
>somehow link the MP3 player
>to the Hi fi equipment.
MP3 is a compressed music format, so that tracks take up a lot less space. You can get a lot of MP3s onto a CD - about 8 hours worth. But - and it's a big but - you need a stereo which will play MP3s, or you can use most DVD players, or you can hook up speakers to your computer (my son uses his iMac as a stereo system) or you can buy an MP3 player such as the Apple iPod - there are cheaper alternatives but they tend to look like they were designed by a colour-blind infant on acid. You can either hook this up to the Aux input of your stereo, or pick up some decent speakers for your computer (though I suppose that depends on where you keep it!)

You might well find that it is worth your while buying either a new internal CD-RW for your computer (quite cheap) or an external one (more expensive but easier).

At one time some of the bigger music stores (such as Virgin Megastores) used to burn CDs quite reasonably, but these were audio format, I'm not sure if they still do it, and I'm not sure if anyone does it in France. I think you will probably be better off getting a CD writer and doing it yourself if you can.

Do I get an invite, then?


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