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I recently bought a fishing licence with the Taxe Piscicole vignette and paid 55 euros for it in the Creuse dept and thought that was all I needed to enjoy some fishing. I've now read on another site that I cannot fish in another dept until I pay another 16 euros for Halieutic tax and even then I'm only allowed to fish in 37 departments. Another site mentions municipal lakes and EDF barrages can only be fished with this extra card. It all seems a bit expensive to me and a little confusing. Can someone put me right. Can I fish anywhere in France, except of course on private lakes etc, or do I need an extra licence?  



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If you have a look at this link it is a translation of the French rules etc for Haute-Vienne. Hope this helps. The licence is more costly than UK, however unlike UK there are no exclusive expensive club waters. This gives you access to more waters.


Tight Lines,

Tony and Sue www.flyfishinginfrance.com


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Your Carte de Peche entitles you to fish all rivers and connected lakes within the department of La Creuse. You do not need a carte to fish the landlocked lakes as these are owned by private landowners or the local communes. For the latter, in most cases a day ticket can be purchsed from the local Mairee or from the bailiff on the bank. Annual tickets are normally available for between €60-70. To fish rivers and connected lakes, ie Pays de Tois Lacs outside of La Creuse, an additional ticket needs to be purchsed. As you are able to use 4 rods, it works out alot cheaper than it's equivilant in the UK, as there you would also need to buy into club memberships etc. Hope this helps....Tight Lines!

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Hi Pete and Chris

Unfortunately, haven't done much fishing this year due to work on the house/garden etc. As this is my first full year here, I have been spending some time looking around for productive lakes and hope to start some serious fishing  by the end of next month. Am very interested in the Pays de Tois Lacs on the river Creuse, and have had fish to 18lb so far, losing a couple of other biggies on snags. For my part, my interest is in finding lightly fished waters where I can enjoy the surroundings without being disturbed. I am not sure if there are any public waters in La Creuse that hold biggies in excess of 50lb. 3 lacs have fish to 40lb+ By the way, 32lbs of carp sound pretty good to me, I certainly wouldn't complain if I had a few in that range every year. At least they haven't got names, and boy, don't they know how to fight!


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