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Golf Insurance

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Do we have to have the above to play on a French golf course? One course we looked at seemed to insist but at another no mention was made of insurance. If we have to have it, where do we get it from, how much does it cost and how long does it last for?

thanks in advance

Mr & Mrs M.
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As far as I know it's not generally compulsory, although some clubs may insist.

If you are going to play regularly in France you ought to take out a licence at any club affiliated to the FFG. (I believe you may also be able to apply direct to the FFG for it - possibly on-line). This costs around 40€ a year, depending on the club that issues it. It is the only way of having an official handicap in France, and therefore a necessity if you want to play in any club competitions.

The licence fee includes a basic level of insurance so that you are covered for 3rd party risks. There are optional upgrades to cover any of your own medical, golf equipment, and hole-in-one losses.

Taking out a licence does not make you a member of the issuing golf club, so you would still have to pay green fees. You could, of course, pay the annual cotisation of the selected club and enjoy membership privileges. Most clubs are open to new members without formalities, although a few are more difficult (and expensive) to join.

Golf in France seems much less stuffy than in UK and the clubs are in general more welcoming and less hidebound by silly ancient club rules that no-one knows the reason for.

Enjoy your golf

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