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Reporting an illegal business


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Neighbours have started a scrap metal business in their back garden. 3 people work in it (all family). The enterprise is not registered and they are not declaring income (we have checked). There is a continual noise nuisance. The Maire has told them to stop and they are ignoring him.


1. Who to denounce them to for non-declaration.

2. Who to denounce them to for having a non-registered business.

3. Who to make a complaint to re noise.

Anyone able to help with answers to these questions?
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Aren't there regulations about this? Disposing of waste materials etc? Need to contact the INERIS?

If they become 'legal' then you will still have the business next to you.

Even if you shut these people down, they are still your neighbours.


As you can see your Maire should be able to do something, even if he just tells them that he is going to report them to the impots and URSSAF, even do something about the noise.

And I have to say that from what I have seen of them, the URSSAF are like rabid dogs of war when they go after someone.

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[quote user="Mikep"]Disputes with neighbours are far easier to start than they are to settle. Wouldn't it be better to get the Mairie to do the reporting?

That avenue has already been explored.  We reported them 6 weeks ago along with support from the other 3 sets of neighbours affected by the noise.  The Maire was sympatheic and visited each neighbour who backed us up.  He then delivered by hand a letter to the [i]ploucs[/i] but they told him to get lost and they'd do what they want on their property and hey've been here generation blah-di-blah.  We have another appt with M le Maire on 3 May to see where we go next.  However, this time we have another neighbour who is chomping at the bit to report the family but seems clueless (as were we until this thread) where to go next.

If the Maire is disinclined to act further at least we have the ammo to go further.  The family are universally reviled in the village and are no strangers to the attentions of the Gendarmes.  We suspect the Gendarmes are quite keen to pin something on them but we need all the info to hand.

30 years in the military has taught me never to fight a battle without all the Forces in place and all allies properly briefed and in accord.  We get the feeling thst the other neighbours are only too happy that someone has decided to put this rather obnoxious family in their place and all have supported what we have already done - one has even agrred to come along to the Maire and Gendarmerie with us.

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[quote user="Clair"][quote user="Chancer"]

I posted this link earlier as a source of information http://have-it.com/denonciation/pages/astuces/travail_au_noir.html

It appears to have been removed, is there a reason why?

You posted your link on the other "Illegal Work" thread (here)...

So quick to jump to conclusions...[Www]

Something very strange going on here, I posted it in response to the question asked in the first posting of this thread (scrapyard neighbours), I was in active thread view, my posting has ended up on a thread from last year.

Time to fall off the wagon methinks!!!

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Thanks Fisherman. We are 3 houses away from the ASBO family but their immediate neighbour is now really fired up; I don't want him doing anything silly so we need to proceed properly.

There has actually been some improvement since the Maire's intervention so it will be interesting to hear what he has to see when we meet him on tuesday.
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[quote user="londoneye"]Hi,I cannot seem to access the link in this thread - could someone help me please?

Many thanks[/quote]

Hi, londoneye,

I have updated the links in the thread [:)]

Thread on reporting illegal work HERE.

Thread about noise nuisance HERE.

[quote user="PaulT"]I always think it a shame when someone asks for help, it is given and then nothing is reported about the outcome.


Paul, I couldn't agree more.

News about the progress or the outcome could be helpful to all those who face similar difficulties...

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