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Hello all,

I wonder if someone could give my OH some information about joining golf clubs in France.  He is a keen player and I would expect most of his (not our) spare time would be spent playing golf.  His French is OK and he is hoping to improve it by playing with French golfers.  He would like to know if golf clubs are run in a similar way to those in the UK - eg joining/green fees/regular competitions/handicapping and social functions.  We will be moving to the Gard next year.

Many thanks,



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We joined a club at Cheverny (41) last year. We paid about €1800 for the first year as a couple (goes up to about €2500 next year) and there are many competitions, handicaps and events at the club (not that we've entered any yet as we're still not very good - we can only manage 9 holes at a time!). There is a PGA Pro at the club too. Seems to be a few people who can speak English as well. Bonus for us is that at this particular club, we're allowed to take our dogs on the course with us.

Also, with joining this particular club, it is a member of Golfy, which is a network of other golf clubs in France and gives you about 25% off playing at the other member clubs around the country, plus other offers and benefits etc. Their address is www.golfy.fr and will hopefully give you some more info on what's what in golf in France. http://www.golfy.fr/partenaires_france_2008/accueil_golfs_08.htm gives the information of member clubs in France and their locations.

There looks to be a few clubs in the dept next to you in 34, so he shouldn't have too many problems getting in.

Hope this helps.[:)]

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