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Hyphenating maiden name and husband's name following marriage


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Hi all,

We were married last year in France. I am pretty sure I want to keep my maiden name and add my hubbies, hyphenating them.

I understand in France you "legally" keep your maiden name always and just use your husbands name if wished but I would like to officially change to this if possible as this is what our young son's name will change to also.

What do I need to do to make this change formal?

Many thanks

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Yes, you always keep your name. I'm sure that I have seen something on french tv as there is something in the offing about using both names.

And I can see this getting silly[:)]

 ie :Mr Raisin marries Miss Pain and she and he would be Mr and Mrs Pain Raisin as would be their children. However, if that is the case, then I think that it could be ridiculous as in the next generation along Mr Pain Raisin marries Miss  Gateau Noisette, as her parents were Mr Noisette and Miss Gateau..........would the sprogs have 'four surnames'? And then the generation after that?

(all proper nom de familles in France if anyone is wondering)[:D]

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The Spanish system works OK. Everyone has two surnames: their mother's patronym followed by that of their father.

e.g. Mr Smith Brown and Mrs Jones Green.

Both spouses keep the same names after marriage.

Their childrens' surnames would be Green Brown.

In idun's example the childrens' surnames would be Noisette Raisin.



Edit: The surnames are not hyphenated.




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I didn't mind changing my name when I married, as I hated mine. In fact I never liked anything about my name or surname since I was young. A good friend didn't but frankly I wouldn't have wanted to change what she her maiden name to new husband's name either.

I wouldn't have wanted my name 'associated'. IF it is brought in in France as the new way, I wonder if everyone will.

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