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They have to be joking!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rumours abound, but City do have the money to buy anyone. However, I find it unlikely that any club involved in the Champions League will sell a player mid-season. Still, they would be good. Something that is true is that Valencia are 650 million euros (yes, that's right) in debt, and need at least 40 million immediately. So, look out for David Villa and/or David Silva to move.

Last one I heard was that Buffon was at Eastlands yesterday for talks. That wouldn't be as much of a surprise. Also, the papers have said that Roque Santa Cruz at Blackburn is another target, but Sam Allardyce has said that City couldn't afford him (I think he's wrong there!).

Happy Shopping in the sales (not) for City! [;-)]



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It will be interesting to see what happens with City as they are no glamour club and most players will not know too much about them, ie City are not a high profile club. Would top players swop playing for the likes of Milan or Barcelona for City? I guess Robinho did. Money talks.

Also, Chelsea 10 or so years ago were not a high profile club and look how they've managed to buy top players with their billionaire owner, but then being London based may have helped, plus they have had high profile managers in that time too. I still don't see them as a big club though, their history is quite lacking.

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