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Brawn incroyable, Ross to Jenson, ''You're a legend''

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I have to say, slightly staggered! One you consider where Mclaren are running, with the same engine and transmission, and that the Brawn was designed to have a Honda engine, and the conversion is, er, rudimentry, it's beggars belief! First debut pole since Jackie Stewart in the Tyrrell run March, and they could emulate Wolf with a debut win. For the first time since I stopped working in F1, I would really like to be involved again!

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It may just be dawning on the tifosi that mojo Ross is now batting for his own team;|
and that new designers have taken over the reins, not just Ross at Brawn but also Adrian at Red Wingdings;  
alternatively if as you say Bernie is the puppeteer, then curious that the poison dwarf suggested that ''Jenson may well win the first three races''
now with a lead like that Rari would have to go some?
(especially since Massa was sobbing that ''they may not be able to catch up'')

Me, I'm just loving the change of order [8-|]


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