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OK so I get into trouble when I try to get people going on  topical matters, so lets try sport.  Its painless and enjoyable and to be honest I could do with something painless and enjoyable at the moment so who is going to win the Masters Golf this year??  What about Rory McIlroy ( have I spelt it right) or will TIGER do it again?  Your guess, is as interesting but as good as mine>

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As usual I expect a British player will do well for one or two days then Woods, Mickelson or another American will win. 

Harrington seems way too modest and normal to go on winning majors.  Maybe that's his secret.  He is certainly the most likely European contender. 

McIlroy surely needs some time to get used to really big events, and European players always seem to need to spend a lot of time competing on American courses before they can be consistently in the prize money - the great Ballesteros being the outstanding exception. 

I wonder if young McIlroy will turn out to be another Seve - wouldn't that be exciting? 


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