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Canoeing in France

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I was interested in the answer to this as we have various kayaks that we'd like to bring over and use on the Dordogne and Lot (and perhaps the Cele).

The biggest problem is one of logistics for transport. Ideally we'd do a one way trip (you'd have to do that on the Dordogne anyway). The dropping off with just one car available to us makes life very difficult. We are over in just over a week and I'm going to try and speak to some of the hire companies to see if we can do a deal where we use their drop off/collection transport at a sensible price. I'm not sure if they'd be interested in doing that or not. I suppose it might come down to whether their trailers are running full or not.

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My wife and I regularly canoe with one car ...

Park at "the top". Cruise down river and  Kate set's up base camp (tent or B&B), while I hitchhike back to the car - never had a problem, never had to wait for more than 15 mins (and a buoyancy aid or such like tells people you're a paddler)

Though your hire company idea would be worth a try in the more popular venues/seasons.

Have a good one!

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