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boating on the river

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Hi all thinking of getting a boat for the river exploring and fishing, cant make my mind up wether to get a big inflatable or a day boat. what size boat and engine can i go upto before i need a liscense or permits. What would the price be for a year and does it run for 12 months from purchase or is it jan till december like fishing liscense. thanks in advance
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I don't know what is required for power driven craft, but if your boat is less than 5 metres long, moves exclusively under human power (i.e. oars, paddles, punt pole, etc) and you only want to use it on lakes, canals and rivers, it does not have to be registered.  Same applies if you want to use it in the sea not more than 300 metres from shore.

Also boats less than 2.5 metres in length with motor propulsion of less than 3kw (4cv) are exempt from registration for use on the waters defined above.

Every other craft outside of these exclusions has to be registered and a "Carte de Circulation" obtained (to be carried on board at all times).  I presume this applies to any power boat of over 2.5m, since obviously it would not be exempted under the above rules.

I believe there is a horsepower limit, above which the owner/driver needs to have a personal certificate of competence, too.

As Albert points out, not all rivers and lakes allow powered craft at all, and limits apply on some other stretches of water.



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Hi all thanks for the replies i was thinking of getting a 3-3.5 mtr inflatable with may be a 5hp motor max only want to be moving at slow speed not speed boat. The other option would be a 14-15 ft day boat wood or fibre glass with a lot bigger engine because of the extra weight same again only cruising speed. The river in question is the Charente, there are already boats on there of all descriptions with petrol outboards.
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