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In process of retiring to France (permanently resident in 86 from Summer 2012) and am attempting to stave off ageing - and greatly enjoying it - by cycling in the UK. Would like to buy a road/touring bike in France, for use there, before The Final Move. My present UK bike (bought 2010) is brilliant and was quite cheap: a Specialized Roubaix base model at £599. Does anyone have any recommendations for ANY cycling-related websites, including, most immediately, any recommended online retailers of bikes? My eventual location will be 86 Chauvigny.

Thanks and best wishes.
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Without being disloyal to this forum, most serious cyclists seem to be on The France forum. But it seems a bit cliquey and not as broad based as this one, although that may be because I'm not very interested in cycling, photography or gloating about "my" football club. [:D]
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I agree with Nick that there are other forums with more cycling interest. Try this one http://bit.ly/jbdcGn (I hope I'm allowed to do this!).

I brought my bike with me, it was handbuilt a long time ago (!) and of great sentimental value (I cry every time I try to go uphill [8-)])  but I've found that components and complete bikes are relatively expensive here. For complete bikes Decathlon do a good range.

Online businesses are nowhere near as competitive here as in the UK and (nearly) always with high delivery charges.

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