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What do I need to fish

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We go to our house in France each year in June and the Mairie allows fishing for free in the village lake during certain days of the month. There is a little chap who oversees the lake and we asked him last year whether we needed a licence. Whether this was lost in translation or not we don't know, but he said we didn't need anything. I'm not too sure about this and as my son wants to go fishing again this year I don't want him to get into trouble by not having the necessary licence/permit.
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You need a national photo identity card (Carte D'Identite Halieutique), plus a national fishing licence (unless you are a member of a private fishing club, when you need the above ID card and the membership of the private club). National fishing licence is 105e for the year, I think. Local gunshops and fishing clubs can issue the national ID card (photo needed), plus the appropriate private/national licence. Hope this is clear.
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I should start by asking at the Mairie. In my village, the licence could be bought in one of the local bars. However, I have a feeling that children under a certain age do not need a permit. I researched this for a friend a few years back, and although the father needed to buy a licence, his son did not.

What Département are you in, Angie? Googling its fishing rules will probably tell you what you need to know.



For example, I googled "carte de peche Vendee" and came up with this list:


Where I see that there is a small charge for children after all.
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Your 'translation' may not be totally off the mark Angie. There's a lake in our village and I'm told one can fish there without a licence because it's privately owned and fishing is allowed by the owner.
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