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Clay pidgeon shooting

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hi would any one be able to tellme whether  i can set a clay pidgeon trap up on my own land and shoot? or do i need to get permissions   Also i have an English shotgun licence would i need to register the gun in France if im not a resident

any help would be appreciated as i finding it hard to find answer



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Hi-----I don't know anything about having a "trap" on your land but I do know about owning a shotgun here in France.

As keen enthusiasts , along with our Labradors, on keeping our casseroles full of local grouse and other game, we needed to apply for a licence.

First of all, you will need to show why you need one----living in a rural area as we do, that presents no problem; but I imagine it would do so in a town !

Second, you HAVE to prove you can speak French pretty fluently. That is a firm rule.

Third, quite a bit of paperwork.#

But, at the end of the day, all well worth it------a good way to obtain the very best of certain foods, and a real pleasure to walk through rural bliss here in Gard with the dogs and a packed lunch in sunshine that we never got back in that over-crowded island across La Manche [:D]

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Friend who used to come over for different periods joined a Clay Pigeon Shooting Club and certainly it was not suggested that as a visitor he needed to register the gun. CPSA should be able to give advice. Obviously insurance is the big thing. Mairie would be able to advise re being able to set up shooting clays on own land but there will of course be noise problem and safety problem.

Game shooting is a whole different area and you need to pass exam in French.

Good luck


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Regardless of whether you're intention is game or clay pigeon shooting, as a visitor to another EU country you will also require a European Firearms Pass issued by the police force who granted the shotgun certificate.


If the OP is only a visitor, without the EFP your shotgun certificate means tiddly squat to the French!

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Hi. I am moving to France in September and renting a house for 6 months before probably buying. I want to bring my shotgun and have already applied for a European Firearm Pass. What else do I need to do, Police Licensing are not very helpful. Do I need to bring my gun cabinet, do I need to get a French Licence when I get there? Any other advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks
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