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And before I go on, which I am going to do, I have heard of some players acting with decency and honour.

 I have not had any time at all for those obscenely overpaid prima donnas who play soccer for many years.

However, now I have read and seen, what I imagine certain of their number believe that they are righteously complaining that their indecent salaries should be cut and that the government should top up the clubs to pay the ordinary mortals who work there!

They say that they are easy targets, well, it strikes me that ALL they have to do each time they play is try and hit a fairly easy target and yet, all too often they are not even up to that task. 

ah yes, apparently they would be paying less tax...... well, let them just donate at least half their pick up salary each week to food banks and hospitals.  Which would probably be more than the amount of pension we will ever ever pick up and they should do that every week.

The words I would like to use about such greed, is unprintable on here

as I am beyond disgusted. They are not the only ones, and sadly the list

is growing of those who are acting in a despicable manner.

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Decency in Football:

Birmingham City have halved salaries for those on over £6000 A WEEK[:-))], still a lot of money A WEEK, I could well manage on that. But credit where it is due, and this is a good thing.

And Leeds United have deferred wages for the first team, Team Before Self, Every Time.

So decency does exist, but Lineker and Rooney, well they say we shouldn't be picking on footballers. My heart bleeds for the greedy barstewards!

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I am in total agreement with your sentiments. I also find it interesting that "minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic" have provided an insight into the subject!

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I would not confine this to just footballers. I think that any company that is paying large salaries, bonuses and dividends should not be claiming furlough compensation from the government - in other words my taxes.
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