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European Cup Final

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The wedding joke is excellent!

I guess you weren't joking though. Is it still on?

Sorry my comments are so late but I recalled that the Liverpool tickets were on offer. As Liverpool beat Barcelona last night (4 - 0) there must be a few very lucky and happy supporters. You must feel a bit sad.

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....... and now Spurs join them after a win in Amsterdam beating Ajax 3 - 2 . So an English team will win the cup this year. I support, at a distance, both teams.

If there are still other forum members out there, who do you think will be champions?

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I''m afraid the true ( anglican dad?) blood of Nelson got spilt there whilst he was managing the clash.

All managers of the british teams (four now) are not british.

Mmmmm - isnt the story of the UK a bit like the US - taken over by immigrants some years ago.

Not many "true" brits left!!!

Even the royals had to change their names relatively recently.

Anyway - just watch Port Vale go with their new owners.

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