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Tour de France

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ALBF, Perhaps you could try reading my reply, as you obviously couldn’t the first time you tried.

The post before mine included the phrase:

“ (apart from infected Brits, obviously)”

I replied in English.

I didn’t use abbreviations for offensive terms either. Apparently you are addicted to such things. Unpleasant in a mostly friendly forum.
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ALBF does not use abbreviations for offensive terms either.

I am not sure how using the term ' WTF (Whack the Flamingo) is offensive.

I like flamingos. I would not whack one mind you. It looks quite aggressive.

You people on French Forums have serious metal problems.

Really don't know why I bother. LOL.
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Just back home from 15 days touring on the motor bike. Our first stop was in the Auvergne, a place we normally steam past going further afield. We booked a studio in "Le Grand Hotel" in Châtel-Guyon not knowing it had anything to do with the tour until we saw the yellow bikes everywhere and the completely dug up town centre. They have done a wonderful job in preserving much of the original art deco architecture of hot springs industry. Hope for their sakes it takes place.
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