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Roland Garros

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Did you think it would never come?

I certainly did but now...it's HERE[:D]

Last year's RG was in October because of covid.  Between all my doctors, they managed to keep me in my room in hospital.  But it was memorable, watching the last half hour of the men's final with my pneumologue. 

As we were both avid Nadal fans, we cheered like mad and watched the trophy ceremony and the post match interview.  She was doing a bronchoscopy on me the following morning so it was a good way to get to know each other better before the op[:D]

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I think Nadal is a wonderful tennis player, I just wish his mum would buy him the correct size underpants Also if you watch his antics between sets when he's sat in his chair, he must be one of the most superstitious people ever.
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Nadal is my tennis hero.  Have followed his career since he won his first Roland Garros at 18 years old.  So I am now a dyed in the wool fan and ignore all the negative comments about him.

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